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Hello and welcome…

We are passionate about providing all things “writing” – great courses, events and products.

We’re South West based; and mindful of people and planet. Our products and services reflect this.

Our courses reconnect you to your creativity – the fun, adventure and thrill of expressing yourself through writing.

All of us are natural storytellers in our day to day conversations. Putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, is the next step.

Why not have a look around and see what inspires you?

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Our Courses…

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About Lucy

Writing is an extraordinary journey and practice and one which turns up previously unimagined treasure. Our world is formed from stories, and each of us has our stories to tell. Lucy has taught extensively; written and performed two one woman shows; co-directed a theatre festival and Winter School in South Devon; and broadcast her poetry. 

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We believe in the power of stories and language to create and open worlds. There is a magic in fiction and poetry which transports us beyond our day to day lives; and an unspoken and intimate relationship between writer and reader.

Sharing a well-told story or experience is an unlimited treasure, and its impact remains to a large extent unknown. We simply trust and let it loose in the world, knowing somehow it will reach the perfect reader. We have a great respect for the storytellers, poets and dreamers of this world and we are committed to:

  • Nurturing and expanding your natural skill and creativity
  • The art and craft of writing
  • Providing an environment where you are free to try out something new
  • The adventure of discovering your authentic voice
  • You furthering and fulfilling your potential as a writer
  • Great writing

The Writing Lab Journals

Beautiful Handmade Leather Journals – made in our South Devon workshop.
In our throwaway culture, with technology developing at breakneck speed, our Forever Journals buck the trend.
A beautiful handmade journal that lasts a lifetime is a real treat.
Over the years, your leather journal will develop its unique patina and feel; gradually becoming more familiar, like an old friend.
Treat yourself or treat someone you love, today!

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